this morning

Once we finish up a breakfast of Marshmallow Mateys, A and I will be off on a morning adventure. My mom was so sweet as to send us $40.00 in Kohl’s cash which I can spend starting today. What is lucky about today is that I also have a 30% off coupon that expires today. So the overlap brings me about $55.00 to spend at Kohl's.

I have a whole list of possibilities of what we would best like to spend our money on. I spent hours online the other night scouting things out. My finds include:

boots that I am obsessed with

a projector for my hubby for Christmas

the beginnings of a bedding set

some absolutely yummy waffle weave bath towels and curtain and rug

or a cool Christmas present for A

What would you choose for me? What would you buy yourself?

Happy Shopping! I will let you know what goes down!

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