Have you ever tried making clothes for yourself? Unless you are a terribly lucky person, I am sure you have had many clothes that haven’t fit right, or that you need to alter… but if you are like me, altering your own clothes can be really hard. Usually a dress form is the answer. My mom has been having a hard time trying to find a dress form that REALLY fits her figure. The bust wouldn’t go small enough and the hip not big enough. It was getting really stressful for her. She got online to see what other women have tried in fixing this dilemma… and she found an answer! Make your own! Of course, what a great answer! So we decided to take on the task yesterday.

Here are some sites that she and I looked before we started… I was going to do a tutorial, but it is a lot of work! So I chose the easy road for today.

It took about 2.5 rolls of duct tape, saran wrap, 3 hours, and LOTS of batting to fill it in! You could also use old pillows too. We haven’t finished her base, but it is awesome! It really worked!


 IMG_4591-1 IMG_4594-1

 IMG_4601 IMG_4599

We took some colored duct tape to mark the bust, waist, hips and center (in front and back). This was the BIGGEST help ever! It helped us line up the back once we cut it apart and will help in making sure your clothes are fitting and placed right.


  1. My mom told me all about this! Best idea ever. I would make my stand to height as well for all of those long dresses I can't pin myself.

  2. Linz- What a good idea about the height! I am going to go to the thrift store and find a tall lamp to use as my base, but I love your idea.