other books I have read in the past month-

-the Ranger’s Apprentice books 2 and 3 – great juvenile books, would recommend them to anyone – good light read and am excited to read the next 7 books in the series!

-Treasure Island – the hubby and I have read it together – we were really loving the humor in it, but thought the ending was SUCH a let down – boo

this is the CUTEST children’s book! It brings mermaids and dancing together which are the two things A loves. I love looking at the illustrations and this teaches such a good concept of being happy for someone else when they get something you want.


literature–the litigators

I just finished this book. Normally John Grishams books are thrillers for me. Kind of those books you can’t put down because you want to know who the murderer is or if the lawyer will win the trial. I think I finished the Firm in like one day. This book, however, is on the light side.

It was a fluff read for me that kept my attention, made me laugh, and was thoroughly enjoyable throughout the whole book. It was a great story line and the characters were well developed. I would recommend this book to anyone.