lessons– teaching by example

one of the subjects that my professors in college beat to a pulp was that our children learn best by example. In some cases, it doesn’t matter what you teach them, they will learn and repeat more of your actions than your words.

last week we gave a lady from our ward a ride to school when we saw her walking across the road, as we were on our way to the gym. I knew she had at least two miles left to walk and it was freezing! Plus, it wasn’t much of a difference from my day – service is always a sacrifice. After we dropped her off and headed back to the gym- I talked with my daughter about service and how good it makes us feel. I also told her how Heavenly Father needs us to take care of his children and Sister K was his daughter. She then replied “like I help Little Miss B?” Exactly…

So last night one of my dear girl friends called me and needed some help getting groceries into her home (she is prego with twins). As I was leaving A asked to go. She was supposed to be on her way to bed, so I declined the want. As I left her tears started heavily. She exclaimed, “Mom! I love her!” As I was walking away, I had the thought of how important it is for A to know that I love to serve others and know how to do it… by example. So I turned around and headed back for her – pajamas, burger king crown and Dora Crocs.

‘A’ helped me carry groceries into my friend’s home and then we made her dinner, did her dishes and put away groceries. As we left with her garbage, A said to me, “Mom, I feel so good! We helped one of Heavenly Father’s children like we gave that one girl a ride last time?” “Yes! Yes!” I told her in return. Parenting success!

So worth the hour later of bedtime-