floral design–a corsage to remember

oh my heavens! I have to say that this was the funnest floral design that I have EVER done! The final product is exactly the sort of feel that I was going for. My brother commissioned me to make this for his senior prom date who happens to be his best friend.


The corsage removes from the bracelet so that she can wear the bracelet in the future. Such a great idea to keep the memory of such a wonderful date alive.


I had some extra flowers so I whipped up a little bout to share with someone special -  IMG_5725

I will post photos of my brother’s date when I get them – which I made my mom promise to take lots!

house projects

Last week we took on the project of revamping our kitchen table and chairs. We sanded down all of the surfaces and then stained the wood finish a dark brown.

For our Saturday project, that is how far we got. We found our table and chairs (bought from the one and only KSL classifieds) started out green and then were painted white, then black, and then another color of black. So lots of sanding.

I can’t wait to show you the final product when they are done. Hopefully this next week. We still have to paint them and then seal them up with some strong lacquer.


This is after we stained the seats of the chairs. IMG_5682IMG_5684

This baby is another hand-me-down and future project of mine. I haven’t quite had some inspiration for it. I will have to hop on over to pinterest to find some.