family fun–sculptionary

for a family activity the other night we played Pictionary with play dough – where you have to sculpt your word. It was a great 30 minute game for my, my hubby, and A (who is almost 4). Something that was quick, brought us together, gave us some laughs, and was fragrant (thank you to our grape Kool-Aid play dough).

This was supposed to be my wedding ring bling-


A decided to make worms for us to guess-



repurposed maxi

I had a swim suit cover-up that didn’t fit anymore so I unpicked the skirt from the top, gathered the skirt a bit and added 2” elastic. Viola! A maxi for my cutie!



graphic design–senior graduation

erik grad final2

I am so proud of you Erik! What a great high school career you’ve had. You run like a gazelle. You have boat loads of friends. And you now have the world at your fingertips. You are such a great example to me and I am so glad we are friends. You have been with me through the thick and thin of my life. I love you and think you are the best baby bro this girl could have! Thank you for being such a great uncle to my girls too. They love you with all their being. Keep it up-


floral design–Roy cotillion

I did these flowers last week for one of the young men in our ward. it was his first date – and he’s graduating next week – so they had to be good! Like the one I made for my brother, I did a removable structure so the girl can wear the bracelet after the date night.



table and chairs

sanding, stain, two coats, and some polyurethane = amazing transformation!!!

I don’t have a beginning photo, but you can see here that they were oak with black paint-


now check them out! I am so happy with them!


Total cost= $2.50 (the cost of the paint on the mis-tint rack at Lowe’s)

We had all the rest of the supplies…


floral design–a corsage to remember

oh my heavens! I have to say that this was the funnest floral design that I have EVER done! The final product is exactly the sort of feel that I was going for. My brother commissioned me to make this for his senior prom date who happens to be his best friend.


The corsage removes from the bracelet so that she can wear the bracelet in the future. Such a great idea to keep the memory of such a wonderful date alive.


I had some extra flowers so I whipped up a little bout to share with someone special -  IMG_5725

I will post photos of my brother’s date when I get them – which I made my mom promise to take lots!

house projects

Last week we took on the project of revamping our kitchen table and chairs. We sanded down all of the surfaces and then stained the wood finish a dark brown.

For our Saturday project, that is how far we got. We found our table and chairs (bought from the one and only KSL classifieds) started out green and then were painted white, then black, and then another color of black. So lots of sanding.

I can’t wait to show you the final product when they are done. Hopefully this next week. We still have to paint them and then seal them up with some strong lacquer.


This is after we stained the seats of the chairs. IMG_5682IMG_5684

This baby is another hand-me-down and future project of mine. I haven’t quite had some inspiration for it. I will have to hop on over to pinterest to find some.




other books I have read in the past month-

-the Ranger’s Apprentice books 2 and 3 – great juvenile books, would recommend them to anyone – good light read and am excited to read the next 7 books in the series!

-Treasure Island – the hubby and I have read it together – we were really loving the humor in it, but thought the ending was SUCH a let down – boo

this is the CUTEST children’s book! It brings mermaids and dancing together which are the two things A loves. I love looking at the illustrations and this teaches such a good concept of being happy for someone else when they get something you want.


literature–the litigators

I just finished this book. Normally John Grishams books are thrillers for me. Kind of those books you can’t put down because you want to know who the murderer is or if the lawyer will win the trial. I think I finished the Firm in like one day. This book, however, is on the light side.

It was a fluff read for me that kept my attention, made me laugh, and was thoroughly enjoyable throughout the whole book. It was a great story line and the characters were well developed. I would recommend this book to anyone.


blinging frog princes

while getting into trouble at TJmaxx a couple of weeks ago I ran into these cuties on clearance for $2.00 a piece!

I have a frog bust and a crown – it was a reminder to me as a teenager to find the right man to marry. So when I saw these, I thought they would be really fun to get for my girls to have.


I don’t remember where (probably on pinterest) I saw this new product out by Krylon called Glitter Blast in Citrus Dream-


and look at them blinging it now! SO easy and SO awesome! I found the paint at Michael’s and used my 40% off coupon for it.



They look so happy now!

Just remember to seal them afterwards! And spray somewhere you don’t mind dusting everything with glitter!


project–a terrarium with my girls

it was a gorg day last week and we put ourselves to work making something green and living for our home. We sat B in the doorway to keep her from the breeze and A and I went to work- (don’t mind the dirty door please – on the to paint list for the spring)


Items needed -


  • unique jar (I like the apothecary jars with lids)
    • any size will do
    • I bought this at wal-mart for $10.00 – I wanted a big one with some mass and for the price, this was perfect
  • potting soil – lowe’s
  • activated charcoal
    • don’t ask for this at lowes because they will take you to the bbq section
    • go to a pet store and purchase it in the fish department – it is the stuff that filters the water in a fish tank
    • I only used about a cup – so one jar will do two huge ones or three or more small ones
  • pebbles
    • I am biased about rocks - so get them at american stone :)
    • but you could get them anywhere
  • plants
    • odd amounts look the best
    • I only needed three for this big jar
    • I would like to do one with just one plant
  • accessories
    • we found a cute mushroom in the garden department
  • cute hands to work and get dirty – this was an awesome activity to do with my girls… so easy and I loved getting dirty with them


directions –simple

  • put a layer of pebbles on the bottom of your jar
  • put in potting soil and some charcoal on top of that
  • mix the two together (not the pebbles)
  • using your cute set of hands plant your plants
  • place you accessory in
  • water


the great thing about terrariums is that they are way low maintenance. because of the lid, the moisture stays in the jar (like a rainforest) so watering – we have only watered it once in two weeks. we bought low light plants and I have only trimmed them once for maintenance. They are due for it soon.

I kind of feel like it is kill proof. Don’t get me wrong, I could be eating my words someday.



the hubby wants a frog to go in it now – hmm….


book review–micro

I just finished reading Micro written by Michael Crichton and Richard Preston.

Growing up, Michael was my favorite author. I have read everything he has ever written and have loved his older works. However, even with my love of Michael (we are were on a first name basis) I was a bit weary to read this book for two reasons:

  1. further into michael’s writings (like his past four or five books) have been so darn crass that I haven’t been able to finish them. I don’t really care for plots with affairs, sex, and the things that are involved with all that. I don’t like swearing.. and even though Michael’s books have always had some swear words, his later books are chock full. So I was worried that this book would be the same.
  2. it was co-authored be richard preston and I don’t know anything about him. I was worried that it would end up being a bomber at the end because it was a different author.

So those were my reasons, but thought I would still give it a try. I actually finished the book! I was pleased with the plot and the characters. of course there has to be a bad guy… that is what give michael’s books hype and intrigue. I learned a lot and sometimes too much about the insect world. I was impressed that the book wasn’t crass and the swearing was at a minimum.

Overall, this book was a good read (I have read better)… and probably wouldn’t recommend it, but would talk about it if someone asked.


house to home–wallpaper removal

I know that wallpaper is coming back into style; however some "designs” have gotten way outdated.

Exhibit A, B, and C- my kitchen, living room, and dining area


I am not a country girl. We decided that the kitchen was our most vital project. We planned on having a month to renovate before we moved in. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes as I plan. Fortunately, my in-laws have an RV that they let us live in for 6 weeks. We couldn’t really move into the house because we had no appliances. Hence, the options of heating an RV and a house or just heating an RV. The latter won out much to my dismay :)

So the first thing I had to do to prep the kitchen for renovation was to strip the walls of its country-day glory.

Tools Needed

  • Handheld Steamer – my mom had a Bissell (found here) that she let me borrow – which reminds me that I need to return it.
  • Putty Knife
  • Clean rag
  • Elbow Grease


  • Start at a seam or in a corner of your wall
  • steam your wallpaper – the heat loosens the adhesive and the water aids in a clean removal
  • Take putty knife and slide it between a corner of the wallpaper and the wall – be careful not to puncture the wall
  • pull away with your fingers what you can using the putty knife to aid as you pull
  • Use the putty knife to scrape any extra adhesive and if necessary, use some more steam shots
  • clean area with a rag when you are done

Tips and Hints

  • the removal was easier in an area that saw less sun
  • I moved about ten feet in an hour
  • It usually took me two rounds of steam on an area
  • I would steam an area, pull the first layer of wallpaper off and then steam ahead a bit so that had time to soak and then would work on the left over residue on the first area
  • using the putty knife was great!

As I unearthed the wall behind the wallpaper there was a grapevine stenciled behind it – oh the 90’s! – I laughed because my mom had the same stencil in her kitchen with some frilly lace curtains at one point

PS- if you ever paint a room that has wallpaper, please just remove the wallpaper before you paint. Whoever lived in this house painted the living room three times after the wallpaper was up – and didn’t use tape. So there were three layers of paint over the wallpaper and it was awful to clean. After we removed the wallpaper we had to sand the wall, but there is still a pretty prominent line across my living room. Since we have plans to someday put a fireplace in that room, we just painted over it for now.

Good luck and let me know if you have questions!