project–a terrarium with my girls

it was a gorg day last week and we put ourselves to work making something green and living for our home. We sat B in the doorway to keep her from the breeze and A and I went to work- (don’t mind the dirty door please – on the to paint list for the spring)


Items needed -


  • unique jar (I like the apothecary jars with lids)
    • any size will do
    • I bought this at wal-mart for $10.00 – I wanted a big one with some mass and for the price, this was perfect
  • potting soil – lowe’s
  • activated charcoal
    • don’t ask for this at lowes because they will take you to the bbq section
    • go to a pet store and purchase it in the fish department – it is the stuff that filters the water in a fish tank
    • I only used about a cup – so one jar will do two huge ones or three or more small ones
  • pebbles
    • I am biased about rocks - so get them at american stone :)
    • but you could get them anywhere
  • plants
    • odd amounts look the best
    • I only needed three for this big jar
    • I would like to do one with just one plant
  • accessories
    • we found a cute mushroom in the garden department
  • cute hands to work and get dirty – this was an awesome activity to do with my girls… so easy and I loved getting dirty with them


directions –simple

  • put a layer of pebbles on the bottom of your jar
  • put in potting soil and some charcoal on top of that
  • mix the two together (not the pebbles)
  • using your cute set of hands plant your plants
  • place you accessory in
  • water


the great thing about terrariums is that they are way low maintenance. because of the lid, the moisture stays in the jar (like a rainforest) so watering – we have only watered it once in two weeks. we bought low light plants and I have only trimmed them once for maintenance. They are due for it soon.

I kind of feel like it is kill proof. Don’t get me wrong, I could be eating my words someday.



the hubby wants a frog to go in it now – hmm….

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  1. We saw a cool terrarium at the St. George parade of homes and Gregg asked if we could have one ... I think I will use your directions and try and make one.