another butterfly chandelier

so after I made this one my husband thought it was so nice and well made that he challenged me to post it in my etsy shop. No kidding, within a day I had sold it! So I packaged that beauty up and shipped it off. Props to my business minded hubby…

I made another one… and it just sold too. Thankfully I was prepared for it to go…


… until it hung in the nursery today and I was kind of sad that I have to send it off… but I had some great inspiration and I cannot wait to show you what version I came up with for the girls’ room! Hopefully it will be just as fantastic as these have been! If not, I will just post it up for sale :)

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  1. I bet you could make a whole handful of these and there would still not be enough for everyone who wanted to buy one! It could be your etsy focus! It's gorgeous, and I love the swirly frame you use to hang the butterflies from.