what I have been doing

being mom! I am finding that I can’t make it as long as I used to during the day! I am so tired lately and priorities are taking over--- those are (close to this order) hubby, daughter, eating, working out, sleep… and then what ever else needs done. I haven’t been able to do much crafting since I am setting up house for our new little girl to come in a matter of a few short weeks!

oh, and I cropped my hair off last week…



to this- not the best photo because we were camping!


little miss A has been a wreck this past week! she doesn’t want to make choices but then when we choose for her, she FLIPS a royal tantrum! What to do? Any advice? You would think with all my parenting education, I would know what to do, but I am at a loss!IMG_8202IMG_8203

I have a couple of last minute crafts and projects to do this week… hopefully I can get the energy to get them done!

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