family fun–sculptionary

for a family activity the other night we played Pictionary with play dough – where you have to sculpt your word. It was a great 30 minute game for my, my hubby, and A (who is almost 4). Something that was quick, brought us together, gave us some laughs, and was fragrant (thank you to our grape Kool-Aid play dough).

This was supposed to be my wedding ring bling-


A decided to make worms for us to guess-



repurposed maxi

I had a swim suit cover-up that didn’t fit anymore so I unpicked the skirt from the top, gathered the skirt a bit and added 2” elastic. Viola! A maxi for my cutie!



graphic design–senior graduation

erik grad final2

I am so proud of you Erik! What a great high school career you’ve had. You run like a gazelle. You have boat loads of friends. And you now have the world at your fingertips. You are such a great example to me and I am so glad we are friends. You have been with me through the thick and thin of my life. I love you and think you are the best baby bro this girl could have! Thank you for being such a great uncle to my girls too. They love you with all their being. Keep it up-


floral design–Roy cotillion

I did these flowers last week for one of the young men in our ward. it was his first date – and he’s graduating next week – so they had to be good! Like the one I made for my brother, I did a removable structure so the girl can wear the bracelet after the date night.



table and chairs

sanding, stain, two coats, and some polyurethane = amazing transformation!!!

I don’t have a beginning photo, but you can see here that they were oak with black paint-


now check them out! I am so happy with them!


Total cost= $2.50 (the cost of the paint on the mis-tint rack at Lowe’s)

We had all the rest of the supplies…


floral design–a corsage to remember

oh my heavens! I have to say that this was the funnest floral design that I have EVER done! The final product is exactly the sort of feel that I was going for. My brother commissioned me to make this for his senior prom date who happens to be his best friend.


The corsage removes from the bracelet so that she can wear the bracelet in the future. Such a great idea to keep the memory of such a wonderful date alive.


I had some extra flowers so I whipped up a little bout to share with someone special -  IMG_5725

I will post photos of my brother’s date when I get them – which I made my mom promise to take lots!