peek-a-boo car seat canopy

Car seat canopies were not popular when I had my first baby. Then they started coming out and I think they are just the greatest thing! I have made a lot for friends and family who have had babies. However, I feel like I jipped them out of something great when I discovered this tutorial last week… JUST as I was about to make one for our little one.

Isn’t this just great!? Then you don’t have to lift up the whole thing to look at your baby AND the others can look in and keep their hands off! (huge frustration of mine when people think new babies are public property) ANYWAY, I am excited to use mine and wish I could have made all the others that I have made in the past like this!


Perfect baby gift if you need ideas!


go cougars!

I don’t know about you, but this is the first year that I have ever filled out an NCAA bracket. I started out great and had really good teams. I even compared pretty well with my brother who suggested that I fill one out. He knows lots more than I do about brackets and teams. Sadly, my teams lost the game (BYU and Syracuse)! And NOW… my WHOLE bracket is red with cross outs of teams that didn’t make it. Was yours the same way?

However, we still love our  BYU Cougars around here and are excited to support the next sports in line – baseball and the Football for the fall season! We have some friends who are having a baby boy about 2 weeks before us and they are also big cougar fans, so we thought it would be sweet to get them some cute BYU stuff. But then I got thinking how expensive it all is!!! So I decided to make my own BYU fan gear! I couldn’t help but make our girls some outfits as well.


These cute pants are from a tutorial I found online here. Can I just tell you they were the EASIEST sewing project I have ever taken on. I think it took me all but an hour to cut and sew these cute pants. The pattern is for a newborn and I just altered them bigger for a 3-6 month pair.

I appliqued on some BYU logos and cougars that I had been given from my mom. I love the one on the rump! IMG_6519

Then there is the classic onesie dresses that I love to make found here- I have made bucket loads of these!IMG_6522IMG_6523

And of course, a little somethin’ somethin’ on the rump!


it only took me seven months!

I have a fall wreath on my front door. Lately, I have been getting a bit embarrassed when a friend comes to my door and I open it to find a wreath of pine cones, red maple leaves, and acorns. I guess I could have left it up for another 5 months to celebrate another fall, but I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

I found this treasure on Felt So Cute and thought it would be perfect! I had moss and butterflies so I just needed a wreath and some ribbon.

This is hers:

This is mine:


Now I can leave mine up until it snows this winter! HA!


I also loved this wreath found at A Diamond in the Stuff

nautical girl

can I just show off my beautiful daughter…and this dress? I made this dress years ago waiting for her to get big enough to wear it.


This actually was one of my first sewing projects as a mom. I think I did a pretty good job! Made from this pattern.


floral design–blooming sorbet

square vase – my favorite

pink hues – A’s favorits

Hagen Daas Mango and Raspberry sorbet – our favorite obsession as of late and so when I saw these roses, I had to dedicate them to our favorite!





Oh look, more snotty skirts

I finally finished the load of skirts on my to sew list… A was so excited to wear one to church today when she woke up to them this morning. She picked out the fabrics for these two skirts so I think she is extra proud of them.

I took a pattern of the first one I made her at my mom’s and changed it up to see what version I like the most. I even have some more ideas on how to alter it in my head. I really like the results of these two and love that it is a skirt I can make for both of my girls so fast and so quickly.

 IMG_6444 IMG_6450 IMG_6457-1

I think I will try and get a tutorial up in the next week or two on how to make this butterfly one…it is a skirt any beginner sewer can do.


matching snot skirts

You remember the cute snotty skirts I made A last month here. Since A is obsessed with dance and dresses, I decided to take that pattern and make a simpler version. So I have whole bunch more lined up to make. However, I couldn’t resist making a little one for my next girl on the way with my left over fabric.

  IMG_6408 IMG_6409



Thanks to A for letting me use her baby doll to model the dress.


floral designs - craving spring with tulips

after I did my friend’s wedding flowers the other week, I have sure been craving spring. Thankfully today is beautiful! BUT I couldn’t resist on bringing spring into my house with these gorgeous tulips. Tulips are probably my favorite flower. My father loves them and I think I have developed that love because of him. They look and smell amazing! IMG_6422 IMG_6434 IMG_6439

It’s Nationals!

I was feeling a little melancholy this week as I realized that all my friends were practicing their hearts out for the last times before BYU Dancesport Nationals that are happening today through Saturday night. You should go if you have time! You can get tickets at byutickets.com

I have been missing dance a lot! So I was just ecstatic when my girlfriend Jessica called me to do her hair and makeup for her competition today. She is such a sweetheart and I had a good EARLY morning session with her. IMG_6413 IMG_6410 IMG_6411Good Luck Jess!!!


where i lack -

my brother makes up for in looks! This is a movie he and his friends made this past weekend. He is the one in red puttin’ the moves on that cute girl -



floral design - d&k wedding

I was so lucky to do flowers for a wedding of my dear ballroom friend. She is classy and sleek and her flowers were just that!

Here is a photo of what she sent me for boutonnieres -


And here are the two different ones I did –


IMG_6333 IMG_6331


IMG_6337 IMG_6334

Then I did fathers’ bouts

IMG_6341 IMG_6338

And here are the mothers’ corsage bouts


Then finally I did a small toss bouquet


It was kind of a crazy week getting these done and there were a lot! 7 groomsmen for example :) But I love the end result!

And thanks to my sweet hubby for being my model! I wish you could dress like this everyday!


dance – be inspired to move

For those who don’t know, I am an avid dancer. However, I have been kind of on leave for a while to be mom since I devoted the last two years to dance and needed to devote to my family again.  For some reason, now that I am growing a baby, I just want to move more than ever, but am kind of held back just a couple of pounds :)

This made me want to move so much! I am excited for this fall when my A can start dance (she will be three) and I can take some classes again.