milkman tote, baby shoes, snot skirt, rosette clips, and flat iron cover

Well, isn’t that tons of stuff? These are some of the other projects that we did while at my mom’s house… I am home for three days and then I am going back. My sweet, hard-working hubby is extending his work trip for at least another three weeks. Now you know why I have to do all the projects! I miss my hubby so much!

This in the milkman tote that I made my mom for xmas, but never posted it. I love the houndstooth on the inside.  She puts her Seminary materials in it… love it!


These are a pattern that my cousin has introduced me to. I made the boy shoes and my mom made the sweet girl ones. I have cut out like 6 more pairs to make as gifts. I think they are a perfect, personalized gift all wrapped cute!  Thanks Linz!

IMG_5980 IMG_5981 IMG_5982

These are what we have deemed the “Snot Skirt”… Abi wore these around all day for three days once they were both made. They were so easy to make and I can’t wait to make more. If I am having a girl, I am totally going to make a newborn one… can’t you just see one with a white onesie and a cute headband? Ooo… do you think I want another girl?

IMG_5990 IMG_5998

These are some rosettes that I made from this tutorial. I did them just a bit differently, but got the same result… I want to make some more to go along with those cute baby girl shoes.


This is something that I have wanted to create since I saw some at Swiss Days in Midway, UT back in September.  They are for hot flat irons or curling irons… so you can put them away after you use them and not have the cords and stuff out for days on end, like mine are. :) This one is really cool because we elongated a diaper clutch pattern from online, and added a divider in the pouch so either I can put in both my flat iron and curling iron, OR put in a hot tool with the cord in a separate pocket. My mom did a great job on this after I cut it out.. I worked on my bally band while she did this.

 IMG_6005 IMG_6006


Wow! That was a lot of crafts… but there are some great ones to come next week!!!!

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  1. Aren't those shoes the best?! I love making them for baby gifts. I've made a ton of them already. I should post pictures of all the shoes I've made and remembered to take pictures of before I gave them away. Good job. They are way cute. I love all of your other projects. I had intentions of doing some while at my mom's, but we just never seemed to sit down and do them. I want to make a flat iron holder now too!!