one for my girls

this is the one I had inspiration for and have decided to keep (and not post to etsy, sadly for my hubby). I am very, very, very pleased with it and think it is the perfect addition to my nursery!



I love the polka dot vellum… which really surprised me how much I like it!


butterfly specimen art


these are some glittery butterflies that I had left over from little miss A’s birthday party last year. I have wanted to do something with them for a long time and this is what I came up with… it looks great in the girls’ room!

another butterfly chandelier

so after I made this one my husband thought it was so nice and well made that he challenged me to post it in my etsy shop. No kidding, within a day I had sold it! So I packaged that beauty up and shipped it off. Props to my business minded hubby…

I made another one… and it just sold too. Thankfully I was prepared for it to go…


… until it hung in the nursery today and I was kind of sad that I have to send it off… but I had some great inspiration and I cannot wait to show you what version I came up with for the girls’ room! Hopefully it will be just as fantastic as these have been! If not, I will just post it up for sale :)


sweet bracelet

when little miss A was born I made her and myself a matching bracelet set.

Oh! Look how cute she was…

So I decided to make Little Miss B one too. A bit different, by using dark pink instead of red.


Just a couple more weeks until this sweetie comes into the world! I cannot wait to meet her!


super birthday gift

my only nephew turned three last week. I so wish we could have made it to his awesome party that my sis-in-law planned so well. She is so creative and throws great parties.

I have been dying to make this cute tie for a long time… almost in hopes that we would have a boy and I could make some matching ties for Father’s Day. However, maybe it will have to stay on my to make list for a couple more years now :)


I found the tie tutorial here and it was really easy to follow. You could even do it without a sewing machine…

Of course, I had a lot of extra fabric and didn’t know what else to do with it but make an super church bag to go along with the tie-



what I have been doing

being mom! I am finding that I can’t make it as long as I used to during the day! I am so tired lately and priorities are taking over--- those are (close to this order) hubby, daughter, eating, working out, sleep… and then what ever else needs done. I haven’t been able to do much crafting since I am setting up house for our new little girl to come in a matter of a few short weeks!

oh, and I cropped my hair off last week…



to this- not the best photo because we were camping!


little miss A has been a wreck this past week! she doesn’t want to make choices but then when we choose for her, she FLIPS a royal tantrum! What to do? Any advice? You would think with all my parenting education, I would know what to do, but I am at a loss!IMG_8202IMG_8203

I have a couple of last minute crafts and projects to do this week… hopefully I can get the energy to get them done!


sprinkle bakes

new found webiste for those who crave yummy food! And who doesn’t?

This is Sprinkle Bakes. I discovered this site pretty much by accident, but LOVE the food and even more LOVE the photography. The creations look like something out of a children’s imagination and are just whimsical and so lively.

Check it out here!