first project in a while

I have been so busy! my hubby and I are doing house/apt shopping, financial planning, career planning, and so much more right now and I just feel like my world is a whirl wind. plus, I am starting to get so tired so fast! yesterday I had to lay down twice during the day to have enough energy to get projects done… and alas, I didn’t get anything done. or at least it feels that way.

today, I was determined to get something done that wasn’t a must… sadly, this has been on my to-do list for over a month. my daughter’s baby doll stroller has looked like this for the past two or three months-


pretty naked and pathetic if you ask me.

so today I whipped out my machine and pulled out another cover for this stroller… I think it turned out so great! I would love to do another one but do it “fancy nancy” style with “accessories” as she would say. but here are the results-


when I woke up A from her nap and showed the seat to her… she started meowing like a kitty really fast and high pitched. I asked her what that meant and she said, “it means the kitty is so happy and cited thatit is finally fixed!”

I think I got the best deal of them all… three kisses for payment.


butterfly chandelier 2–jewel tones

this was a gift to my daughter’s friend… after having everything out from doing the white one, I just whipped this one up in a couple of hours.



butterfly chandelier

the pottery barn version of this has been knocked off by many bloggers and crafters out there…

here is the PB one for around $80.00

here are some from other sites that I found while designing mine-

and here is mine:


I cannot wait to get this in the girls’ room! I have more d├ęcor projects for their room up my sleeve! Can’t wait to show you the end result of their room…



I took on a huge project – I so thought it would only take me a day… and it took me 5. But I couldn’t be happier with the result of my Golden pleated euro shams for my bed!

I used a tutorial found here as a guideline for what I wanted to accomplish. I should have done 2-3” pleats, but I did 1”. Just keep that in mind if you want to do this to 26” of pillow!IMG_6535

This is the back view of my pillows. I kind of like the effect and will probably switch them around every once in a while. IMG_6534

Pictures of my new quilt to come too!