maternity wear

for some odd reason or another (like that I am 5’ 10”) I can’t find maternity clothes that fit me. skirts, dresses, and pants are too short on my legs and t-shirts and tops are short on my torso! when I get big, I am like the most immodest thing on the planet. it is really frustrating. well, thankfully I come from an extremely tall family! most of my immediate family, aunts, uncles, and cousins are 6’or taller. and luckily for me, 5 of my cousins are pregnant right now! my aunts are amazing seamstresses and one of them came up with a maternity skirt that is comfortable, long, and takes like 20 minutes to sew. it is like heaven sent for me!

with the two that I made this week I now have 4 skirts out of this pattern and plan on making some more. the skirt is just too easy and looks too good to not want to make more. sorry about the wrinkles, they were ironed until A got to them thinking they were dress-ups. :)

IMG_6010 IMG_6015

next is this beauty! i have always wondered about belly bands and if they would work for my shape (like an s-curve from algebra). not just that, I wasn’t willing to pay to “experiment” with one. when I saw this tutorial, I just had to at least try one!


this took me two tries – the first worked out perfectly; however, when I put it on, all I could hear was threads popping! then it pathetically fell apart. you want to know what NOT to do? DON’T surge the seams unless you have stretchy string. I thought I would be all cool and sleek with a surged edge, but it didn’t stretch with my curves. so the second one I used a zig-sag on my machine and it has been awesome! NO more riding up, NO more immodesty when I need to nurse, and NO pants falling off! plus, it is fit just for me and my body (I made it taller than the one in the tutorial). I have worn it all afternoon. LOVE IT! definitely plan on making more and think a set of two or three would be fun for a gift to the billions of friends of mine who are Prego!

we have been so busy here! more to come!!!

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  1. these skirts are darling. I am wondering if you could share how you made them. 20 minutes sounds unbelievable!