I never told you what I ended up getting for xmas! Remember this post here? Well, just to let you in on the wonderful news… I got the sewing machine! When it was brought to me, I almost started crying. I so didn’t think that I would be getting it and it was such a humbling surprise for me. Thank you to my hubby’s family for that!

So I have pulled it out finally! And I finally pulled out the fabric to finish my decorative pillows for my bedding from this post here… Here is how they turned out-


I think they look nice, but still need something. My mom suggested that the red and gray one have a monogram on the front and I really like that idea. To admit, I had some issues with my bedding and so I have on my projects list (now that I actually have a sewing machine that sews) to fix the duvet cover. It is going to take lots of work!

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