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i attended a wonderful meeting today called stake conference for my church. A member of the Quorum of the Seventy, Daniel M. Jones spoke and was so inspiring! The things he talked about were right down my alley with my education in Family Studies…

He talked about how the world is loosing the idea of family and that we, as a church, are lucky to know why family is so important. However, because we know about family and why it is so important, we are fighting to keep it alive… our own families and to help other families who don’t know what we know. If you would like to get an idea of what we know in the Mormon religion you can click HERE. 

Brother Jones gave a list of ways in which we can strengthen our families… there were 25 things. Sadly as I was writing as fast as I could, my daughter suddenly tells me that she can’t find her gum. A two year old who has lost her gum. I instantly switched to searching for the gum around number 15 so I only have 19 of the 25 items he spoke on. Here they are as follows:

Ways to Strengthen Our Families

  1. Read and review frequently the Proclamation to the World: the Family
  2. Have family prayer morning and night
  3. Have meaningful Family Home Evening each Monday night
  4. Search the scriptures daily – by yourself, with your spouse, and with your family
  5. Eat at least one meal as a family – I was so excited when he said this!
  6. Husbands, give timely priesthood blessings to your wife and children
  7. Obtain and study your patriarcle blessing often
  8. Teach children the plan of salvation with emphasis on the 5 saving ordinances
  9. Teach your children that individual worth doesn’t come from material things, but from what’s inside and the Lord
  10. Give heed to the prophet’s words – all of them
  11. establish your home as a place of peace, learning, communication, trust, love and patience
  12. Bear testimony to your children daily
  13. Be 15 minutes early to church and sit with your family
  14. Spend an hour of time with your companion daily- dedicate that time to study of the scriptures and your relationship
  15. fill your home with worthy and appropriate literature and media
  16. strictly monitor the use of the internet and TV
  17. Do not give your children an allowance – teach them the importance of work and pay them as the do useful work
  18. have a photo of a temple prominently placed in your home
  19. Encourage and guide your children to graduate from seminary and institute

He mentioned that we are not to get overwhelmed… we just need to be consistent. I liked that!

If you have any questions about these, feel free to get a hold of me at rissdesign.ct@gmail.com. I would LOVE to answer them!

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