on the menu – bite of heaven

since staying at my parents’ home, I have rediscovered a classic favorite…

I saw my brother eating some of this on toast and have been craving it all week. For some reason or another, it is just me and my daughter tonight in the house, and the craving overtook me like waves crashing over the side of a boat out to sea. I scrounged up some ingredients and made a crazy good, one-isn’t-enough-but-it-should-be desert.


It was way easy but so darn good- here’s the recipe for those craving nutella filled turnover


  • Nutella (of course)
  • single Pie crust recipe or pie crust from a box (what we used)
  • butter melted
  • cinnamon and sugar
  • raspberry jam
  • cool whip


  • heat oven to 375*
  • roll out your pie crust to around 1/4” thick
  • cut circles out with biscuit cutter (3” diameter)
  • put a dime or nickel sized dab of nutella in the middle
  • fold the circle in half around the nutella and using a small amount of water, dab around the outside of the round and close it up to make a half circle…


  • brush all the turnovers with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon
  • pop in the oven for about 12 minutes
  • serve with drizzled raspberry jam and cool whip
  • enjoy the rich, nutty goodness!

IMG_5977PS- I couldn’t eat just this one… I ate much more! Will be on the treadmill in the morning!

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