made with silk

I haven’t has as much experience with silk flowers as I would like to have. When my mom asked me to do some arrangements for her, I honestly got really nervous. I think silk is hard to work with in my limited experience. However, I took on the challenge. We took a trip to the half aisle of flowers at my mom’s Wal-Mart… not a lot of selection. It was pathetic! Which made me even more nervous that we would get a beautiful, well- worth-it project.

This first arrangement is for her coffee table. She has stuck to red, green, and brown for a color scheme, but really wants to add some new color in with accessories – like pillows, wall hangings, etc. I was reluctant at the orange lilies, but with the plum dahlias they look amazing! This was a tough project for me and the more I look at the finished product (and slightly tweak things), I get so darn proud of myself.

 IMG_5939 IMG_5942

The first arrangement took some time… it is a tough shape to fill even with real flowers. So I had enough flowers to do a second arrangement and didn’t want to do it because I didn’t have 3 hours to complete it. But, my determination got the best of me… and it proved to be awesome! This arrangement has to be one of the best arrangements I have ever done in my years of doing flowers. It is beautifully shaped, it flows, the colors and textures are yummy together AND it only took about 30 minutes to shove together. I love that it is more contemporary. I am even more proud of myself than the first… I would like to steal it when I go home!


I asked my mom jokingly what payment would be for these – she laughed and said, “The Pop Tarts that you are eating now.” I actually was okay with that being pregnant and all :)

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