secondary… but only in color

this past month my cute hubby and I celebrated our fifth year of marriage together (why it isn’t secondary at all). It was a wonderful day, and as tradition goes for him, he gave me 5 flowers for 5 years (filler flowers don’t count)- 3 roses and 2 carnations. This year was extremely unique because he took me to the florist to pick out what I wanted. Of course I had to go with a secondary color scheme - plum, green, and sherbet orange – my favorite bright color scheme for the time being. The flowers were set off with some wonderful seeded eucalyptus – smells so good.

IMG_5838 IMG_5826  IMG_5830 IMG_5831 IMG_5836 IMG_5837

With my hubby out working in New York for a month, I have really been lonely without him. This distance (that happens about 2 times a year) really helps me have such a fresh perspective on why and how much I love him. I cannot wait for him to get home so I can cook for him again… it is crazy, but I SO miss cooking meals for him. Here’s to making it almost half way with him gone! I love you sweetie!

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