maternity pencil skirt

So I am having the wardrobe issue – the one where you look in your closet and see nothing to wear. My body is in such transition that I really don’t feel like I have anything to wear. I want to look pregnant, but not “big” yet. I want and need some classic pieces that I can mix and match. Sadly, my wardrobe consists of 4 shade shirts and three pairs of the same sweat pants in different colors. So today, I pulled out my wonderful sewing machine and tried my hand at creating a maternity pencil skirt. I don’t think that it turned out bad – it fits, there are no puckers, and it is wearable – which is more than I can say about other projects I have tried lately and about my other clothes :)

Anyway, I took a skirt pattern that I have ten billion other pencil skirts out of and added a panel. It was a challenge for me for a couple of reasons – I have never sewn knit, I don’t know my way about my machine as well as I would like, there was a small waistband that goes around the whole top of the skirt, I couldn’t try it on before I had almost a complete product. I think that next time I will do all the same things except make the bottom of the panel a u-shape and not straight across. I think it would fit better and I wouldn’t have to wear my longest tops to cover the panel.

I really feel like the Spirit inspired me on some of the steps and knew I needed an ounce of success. Anyway, without further ado – my skirt and budding tummy…




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  1. Hey, it looks like you were inspired from the skirt that my mom and I made up!! Great job. It's always nice to have something comfy and cute to wear.