christmas crafts – easy and way out!

So I love Christmas, but this year has been different for me. I felt that I needed to start my Christmas present shopping/making early (like this summer)… how grateful that I followed that inspiration since I then got sick! Thus, I haven’t been able to do do very many Christmassy things that I normally look forward to. So I am showing one that I think I will (or could) do and ones that I would in another stage of life :)

The first is what I will do with my tens of thousands of stray magazines in my house!

Melanie from My Craft Projects shows how to make these:

I like her idea of spray painting them… I was thinking a light coating of gold would be fun and festive. This I could definitely do whilst sitting on the couch.

Next is from one of my favorite inspirational blogs Sewing in No Mans Land. I just love how chic and classy all Kelly’s ideas are… and her Evie is just to die for!

Anyway, she is doing crafts for the 12 days of Christmas- I so think she is truly inspired in her creative side. No tole painting here :)

Here is her Three French Hen’s idea--- she went with the French

Here is her Four Calling Birds and her Evie!

I will definitely be paying attention to her next days of Christmas!

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