i spy with my little eye

did you read those books as a child? not only do I remember the books, but we used to play the game on trips, while we were waiting in lines, and when we were bored. the older A gets, the more I find us playing that game as well. she has even started to ask me where things are. it has been really fun.

over the past 25 years, my mom has been collecting scraps and scraps of fabric. we came up with the idea to use the scraps to make i spy quilts. it is a quilt full of novelty blocks and you can play i spy with them. we have blocks of Dora, doggies, Barbie, john Deere, fishing, animals of all sorts, cars, and more. it is fun because we can remember what all the fabric was from – other blankets, shorts, aprons, crayon rolls, girls’ camp, etc.

my mom, sister in law, and myself put together these quilts this week. it has been A LOT of work to do all three quilts, but so much fun. each one is different and I will take photos once we get them done.  my mom has been champion at quilting her first quilts with her sewing machine. my quilt was the guinea pig for the other two. it turned out great! this is my sister in law’s first bigger sewing project and hers looks better than ours :)

IMG_6303 IMG_6299 IMG_6300

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