book review–micro

I just finished reading Micro written by Michael Crichton and Richard Preston.

Growing up, Michael was my favorite author. I have read everything he has ever written and have loved his older works. However, even with my love of Michael (we are were on a first name basis) I was a bit weary to read this book for two reasons:

  1. further into michael’s writings (like his past four or five books) have been so darn crass that I haven’t been able to finish them. I don’t really care for plots with affairs, sex, and the things that are involved with all that. I don’t like swearing.. and even though Michael’s books have always had some swear words, his later books are chock full. So I was worried that this book would be the same.
  2. it was co-authored be richard preston and I don’t know anything about him. I was worried that it would end up being a bomber at the end because it was a different author.

So those were my reasons, but thought I would still give it a try. I actually finished the book! I was pleased with the plot and the characters. of course there has to be a bad guy… that is what give michael’s books hype and intrigue. I learned a lot and sometimes too much about the insect world. I was impressed that the book wasn’t crass and the swearing was at a minimum.

Overall, this book was a good read (I have read better)… and probably wouldn’t recommend it, but would talk about it if someone asked.

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