I have been so busy today! First, I need to tell you about our morning adventure – which really turned into an all day one! We purchased and returned, purchased and returned. I just wanted to find the best things!!! Which led me outside of Kohl's to TJ Maxx and Ross. My three favorite stores today… it was nice. We only had to do four bags of fruit snacks because A was very behaved today. For that I am grateful!

Without further ado, our final purchases

  • And I caved… this is for Christmas. I just couldn’t pass it up because I had something like this growing up and I have the fondest memories of it – I thought it was the coolest thing


For the other purchases, you will just have to wait because my creative side got the best of me. I couldn’t find the bedding set I wanted, so I am going to make it! Yes, I’m awesome!

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