baby diaper tutorial

My little A is obsessed with diapers! She makes every stuffed animal and baby doll get their diapers changed… she has even tried to change me. That was awkward! Sometimes this “potty” language gets us into humorous positions… like the other day at Kohl's when she started talking to the only other lady in the restroom about her potty time. Believe me, I tried to leave fast!

I had some worn out tanks from Down East Basics that are pitted out (armpit stains) and the hems have come out as well. I was just going to chuck them until I felt enlightened to make them into some mini-sized diapers. My train of thought was that cloth diapers are dingy like this… and then the idea dawned on me! I could make some diapers that A could use to support her potty whims – instead of using the real diapers.

I thought I would share with you instructions-




  • fabric – i suggest either a flannel or a knit. I wish I had some flannel to make some soft – unstretcy ones.
  • Velcro
  • ribbon (optional)


First I needed to make a pattern. So I measured the main Baby’s rise and waist. Then I created a pattern off of that using the idea of a real diaper. The back needed to be longer than the front so they could overlap and Velcro.


Then I cut out my pattern and pinned it to my tank. Lucky for me I could get two diapers out of each tank and it was already doubled for me. So I cute 4 diapers total (or 8 pieces).

IMG_4137 IMG_4138


Next is the sewing part. I am still learning to sew knits so forgive me if it is a terrible job. Anyway, if using knit, use a zigzag stitch and stitch around the diaper, leaving about 1.5 inch opening in the back (long side of the diaper) for you to turn it inside out. I used a purple thread to show you the stitching.


Then I turned the diaper inside-out and use a slip stitch to sew the hole in the back together. 

Next, I took some random Velcro pieces and sewed them on the front and back like so. Make sure you are sewing the right pieces and right parts together.

IMG_4142 IMG_4143

They looked a little dull being all dingy white :) so I added cute little Grosgrain ribbon bows on with some    E-6000 glue (my savior in all crafts!)


And you are done! Perfect way to use those tanks and to keep A happy for over an hour. Success!


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