Nail polish, for me, is like the greatest way to pick up my moods. I also feel like painted or nicely manicured nails are like accessories and can really top off an outfit – however, I wish that I could paint mine more often. To keep your fingernails and toenails looking nice can take a lot of work. Sometimes I can get myself to do it, but sometimes a nice trim and a clear coat of polish is all I can get done :)

But I did make time last night to paint my nails- I tried two new colors and I am smitten!

They are both by Rimmel London. The first is what I painted my fingernails. It is called Steel Gray and is a really popular color right now for nails. It really tones down an outfit, but gives it sophistication. I noticed that it takes about three coats to get opaque, but is wonderful! It takes on different base hues when paired with certain colors.


The second color is called Purple Rain and I painted my toes with it. It is almost black when given a double coat and I like that. Black always seemed to dark for me, but this is a great substitute for black. Love it!

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