center street plaza

This is a project that I did with two other designers in a class I took. I loved working with these girls! They were so easy to get along with and had great ideas and talent. For our challenge, we were given a long and skinny gravel parking lot between two buildings on Center Street. We needed to design a public plaza in this space. It was a great challenge, but turned out wonderfully. We chose an Asian theme because we felt there were a lot of other foreign restaurants on the street and due to the size of the lot, long and skinny would need rectangular designing.

Here are the photos of inspiration:

Center Street Plaza Center Street Plaza1 Center Street Plaza2

Don’t you love the feel these bring to you? My heart seems to calm down… like the Zen is already working on me!

Now take those photos and put them into a design? That is what we did. That is what I do and LOVE it!!!

Here is the design we came up with. Each sheet is 24X36 with a medium of Chartpak

wideformatscan_20091207_0016 wideformatscan_20091207_0015

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