To all my friends who use pinterest!!! I don’t know of a better way to get a hold of most of you except to post something on here…

I have loved this site and have gotten so inspired by it; however, I have noticed that there are people posting a lot of images and quotes that are offensive to the spirit. I have tried to screen them out, but there is no way to make a search safe. Not only that, but the user agreement states that pins should be clean…

Please help me keep this site clean by writing a complaint to Pinterest! hi@pinterest.com

Thanks much!

If you need some help constructing a letter, this is what I wrote:

Dear Pinterest:

I love your website! I am a pinning addict! However, over the past couple of weeks I have noticed an increasing amount of offensive photos being pinned on your website. There is no way to flag them or to screen them out of my searching. I am contemplating leaving pinterest because I don't want to look at any type of photo or quote that uses profane language or is pornographic. I have loved being a member, but don't want these images, suggestions, and statements in my head. 

I read your statement of use and each person who gets an account agrees not to pin offensive photos or quotes... but this isn't being enforced. Please do something so that I and others can enjoy a clean, worry-free website!


Claire Thomas

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