talented women

I have been blessed to be surrounded by some many talented women in my life- here are some things that they have created.

This receiving blanket and burp cloth were made by my aunt. I love the mitered edges and the rick-rack


Then this is my mom’s glory! She is SO amazing and I wish I was as talented as she is in sewing. Isn’t this blanket just stunning? IMG_8423IMG_8424

This is such a good show of the quilting… hearts in a paisley pattern… love it!IMG_8425

These were some simple gauzy blankets that I threw together that will be great for this summer. They were easy to make… just some satin ribbon sewn around the edges to finish them off. I love the white one that is eyelet. IMG_8431

This is another one of my mom’s doings. Don’t you LOVE the fabric and it feels so amazing! I love good fabric!IMG_8437

I love the decorative stitching…IMG_8438IMG_8439

This is my hubby’s favorite set… again from my mom. IMG_8441IMG_8444

My mom was thinking smart and made me some mitered edge blankets that are only one sided. These will help with swaddling in the heat. IMG_8447

This photo shows the back side of the white blanket. So classy and beautifully sewn. IMG_8448

Then this beauty is something I CANNOT wait to get little miss B into. My good friend Anna made it after I sent some photos over to her. She has an etsy shop here if you are interested….IMG_8450

Then little miss A got a package from Mima (my mom) this past week with a whole bunch of items for her baby- this flannel blanket she even quilted… so cute!IMG_8451IMG_8452IMG_8454

Then another mitered blanket… I just had to share photos of it because I LOVE the dancers. I want something out of it… pj bottoms would be fantastic!


Then she sent over this genius play wipes case with wipes! A is always using real wipes and so this is the perfect solution to her wiping everyone’s bum… even her kitty’s and trying to do ours… that always catches us off guard!IMG_8458IMG_8460IMG_8464IMG_8467IMG_8468

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  1. I saw she had that wipies case with her today! I thought it was so cute! Fantastic ideas that your mom comes up with... :)