picky eaters or parenting fail

it sure has been a while since I have posted about family… this was posted to a community blog I am a member of.

I hear a lot of parents talk about their kids being picky eaters. Did you know that it is normally the parents’ fault? Think about it. If your child starts complaining about what you are eating at dinner and you get up, and prepare a whole different meal for your child… you just initiated a picky eater. Next time around, your child is going to do the same thing and then you will be known as a short order cook… always making special dishes for each member of your family. And just think about doing this for two or three different kids! Yikes!

On average, it takes a toddler 25 times of having a food placed in front of them before they will like it and even try a bite of it! That is a lot of times! So if your toddler doesn’t eat their broccoli the first time, or even second time… keep trying! Just one or two pieces of what you are serving will suffice too!

So to get your child to eat unique foods… we call them fruits and veggies… here are some extra tips-

· Involve- have your child help you prepare your meals/snacks. We always have our daughter wash the fruits and veggies. Something that she can do for her age. She also loves to help me add the spices to our meals. I am amazed at what we can get her to try and even like if she has invested her time into the preparation.

· Snacks- This is even a good tip for me! I always try to leave out a bowl of fruits and veggies on the counter or in the fridge that our daughter has free reign to. If she wants a snack that is what she eats. It also makes her feel like she is independent and can make her own food choices.

· Different versions- if your child won’t eat a raw version try steamed…

· Creativity- I have a wonderful book called Deceptively Delicious that is all recipes with hidden fruits and veggies. Our favorite is Mac and Cheese made with cauliflower and the avocado cupcakes.

· Variety and repetition- my last to tips that can really help…

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