financial food for thought no.4


Grocery shopping helps

Did you know the average American spends $5.00 for every minute they are in a grocery store? Did you know that 2 out of 3 items in your cart are impulse buys?


I watched a movie in my cooking class a while back that really inspired me to not go to the grocery store hungry!… and with kids. It made me sick thinking that I spent that much on things that we really could do without. So I am trying to do things differently now. Here are some tips that I gleaned from the class

  • Make a weekly shopping plan- take ONLY the amount of money you will spend on one week’s worth
  • Check newspaper ads – buy staple items on sale and stock up
  • check your inventory- LOOK in your fridge before you go to the store. I cannot tell you how many times I have come home and realized I already had what I bought.
  • Kids- shop when they are rested, when the store is less crowded, let them add one item to the cart – in my opinion, don’t go with your child if you can manage it. You need to pay attention to prices and labels. You can’t do that AND keep a kid in the cart (or 2 for that matter).
  • Coupons- use the for food WHEN the price is right
  • Know the store layout – it will help you make your list in order that you go through the store. this  will save you time and money
  • Be aware of marketing techniques- end of aisle displays aren’t always good deals
  • Limit convenience foods- they are ALWAYS higher prices
  • Read the labels
  • Ingredients- are always listed largest quantity to smallest… watch that sugar!
  • Check dates for freshness- you don’t even want to know about expired meat being repackaged! YUCK!
  • Eat meat less often- use beans and lentils if you can
  • Choose brown or enriched rice… they are healthier for you
  • Plan meals around specials
  • Make a LIST!!!
  • Know your prices- why you shouldn’t take your kids shopping
  • Be sure to check the scanner for pricing errors – check your receipts before you leave the store
  • Use unit pricing
  • Try store brands – they may taste better than you expect
  • Buy fruit and veggies in season
  • Start a garden at home

Hope these tips help you in your next shopping experience!!!

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